Know how to create badges, but how are badges awarded?

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Know how to create badges, but how are badges awarded?

Postby richard47 » 09 Aug 2017, 16:32

I have installed Chamilo LMs 1.11.4 and I have also created two additional users, one a teacher and the other a pupil.

I have created a course and have had no problems with a course description, forum, and a learning path which includes several documents which have to be read in order, and which concludes with an 'Assignment' in which the pupil has to submit a document for me to mark.

I have added the final assignment to an 'assessment'.

I have also created an OpenBadge, and the actual badge creation was no problem.

My test pupil has completed the course, submitted the file requested for the final assignment, which is the final thing in the learning path. I have marked the assignment with a score of 100%.

So far, so good.

What I can't find out, is how to award the badge.

I have read the installation instructions, admin instructions, and teacher instructions. I have also checked Google (in English and also by using Google Translator on non-English pages) and have also checked youtube, but still cannot find any instructions on how to actually 'award' the badges.

A search of the forum pages in English 'All topics, all versions', for the word 'badge', comes back with a search result of 'No suitable matches were found'.

I am quite tech savy and have a lot of website building experience, but little experience of LMS's. The Chamilo software and instructions appears to be easy to understand and impliment in all other regards, but how to issue badges has got me stumped.

Can anyone please help, or point me in the right direction.

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