Chamilo - Openmeetings

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Chamilo - Openmeetings

Postby rderoa » 09 Jul 2018, 13:05

Please, I'm trying to connect chamilo v.1.11.6 with openmeetings v4.0.4.

I have installed openmeetings on another server that works properly with moodle.

I added to chamilo the openmeetings plugin and I have configured it with the url, the user and the access password for logon. (which are those of the administrator of openmeetings).

As far as I could follow the different php, I understand that when creating a course, course and plugin_openmeetings tables are filled. The room table I don't know if this is also the time in which it is filled.

I create a new course, and the course table is filled but not the plugin_openmeetings table and neither the room table. And when accessing to new course, and select the option of openmeetings (select icon openmeetings) from the course it's not possible to access the videoconference.

Can someone please tell me what I'm missing?

Thank you very much in advance, a greeting.
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Re: Chamilo - Openmeetings

Postby yannick » 10 Jul 2018, 13:48

Hi rderoa,

This is partly our mistake: the OpenMeetings plugin has not been maintained or tested for years. We only ever had one of the Chamilo user organization use it, and that was 6 years ago and we haven't heard about them since. We prefer the BigBlueButton videoconference, for which the plugin works and is maintained for both BBB 1.* and BBB 2.* (currently 2.* is in Beta but the plugin works with it). So the OpenMeetings plugin is likely to be broken, indeed, and if no contribution comes in, we will probably remove it from the next major version of Chamilo (v2.0, scheduled for the end of this year). Given our release procedures, we cannot remove the plugin before the next major version. That's why it's still there now.

In general terms, this is also a bit because of the quality of the documentation of OpenMeetings: it makes it more difficult to integrate with them. Their APIs changed with versions and the documentation was not maintained, which made it difficult for us to follow and provide a plugin that matches all their versions. Also, we (the Chamilo community) has to develop its own plugins, while Moodle, for example, has the plugins developed by the OM and BBB communities... that's the benefit of being the most used platform vs us being the 3rd one in line.

We would be very pleased (given the installation of OpenMeetings is a bit complex) if you could check the plugin and fix whatever is wrong, then contribute it back to Chamilo (on If you don't have the skills to do so, maybe you want one of the Chamilo Official Providers to do that for you (for a price)? Otherwise you can also register a new issue on but I would say it is unlikely (not impossible) that anyone would like to spend their free time updating this plugin.
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Re: Chamilo - Openmeetings

Postby rderoa » 12 Jul 2018, 09:07

Hi and thank you very much for your quick response.

we know openmeetings for having it with moodle and that was the reason for wanting to have him also with chamilo.

Now I'm going to try to do an BigBlueButton installation test and then try to connect Chamilo with BigBlueButton.

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