Multiple Registration Form

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Multiple Registration Form

Postby Adamsy » 19 Nov 2016, 09:50

Hello, Good day All.

I'm a newbie to chamilo, a Nigerian. Please how do I create two forms (one for teacher and other for student).

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[Answered] Re: Multiple Registration Form

Postby yannick » 05 Dec 2016, 23:39

Hi Adamsy,

Please do not post questions in the "We support Chamilo" forum, this is only to express your support to the project. I've moved your post.

There is no way, in the normal options of Chamilo, to create two different forms. However, if you have some programming skills, you can probably enable the custompages/ section and customize a few pages (including the registration form) so that they are different for teachers and students.

There is no clear documentation at this time about the custompages/ mechanism, but you can find a small manual in the custompages/ file here:

The idea is that you enable a setting in the configuration page and then copy the -dist.php file to the same name .php (without the "-dist" part) and this will give you a more customizable set of pages. Only the pages that are renamed will replace the default pages of Chamilo for login, registration and homepage.
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