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Postby domifreitas » 24 Jan 2010, 00:05

My name is Domingos, from Portugal, working in three schools (professional, regular and university). I helped a lot to bug fixing Dokeos and translating hundreds of code lines to portuguese. Now I support Chamilo. Keep it open source and count on me. Long life to Chamilo Project.

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Hi gghchem, you're from

Postby ywarnier » 24 Jan 2010, 23:20

Hi gghchem, you're from China, right? Your help will be greatly appreciated in the move to full-UTF-8 support for 1.8.7!

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Don't doubt to let us know

Postby ywarnier » 24 Jan 2010, 23:28

Don't doubt to let us know where you are from. We'd be glad to be able to pinpoint the current support of the Chamilo project in different areas of the world. I'm from Belgium, but I currently live in Peru where I'm leading the latino side of the Chamilo project, and I think it's great to see so many people supporting us. Many thanks to all of you. I'm sure you'll all find great ways to contribute to the project.


No duden en decirnos de donde vienen. Estaríamos muy felices de poder ubicar los que soportan el proyecto Chamilo en un mapa del mundo. Soy de Bélgica, pero actualmente vivo en Perú, donde lidero el lado latino del proyecto Chamilo, y pienso que es tremendo ver tanta gente soportandonos. Muchas gracias a todos. Estoy seguro que encontraremos juntos buenas maneras de contribuir en este proyecto, para cada uno de ustedes.


N'hésitez pas à nous dire d'où vous venez. Nous serions très heureux de pouvoir visualiser le support actuel de Chamilo dans le monde. Je suis belge mais je réside actuellement au Pérou, d'où je dirige la partie latino du projet Chamilo, et je trouve que c'est vraiment fantastique de voir tant de monde qui nous supporte. Merci à tous. Je sus certain que nous trouverons à chacun une manière simple et utile de contribuer au projet.


Yusulpayki! ;-)

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I Support Chamilo

Postby mim018 » 25 Jan 2010, 01:51

 Hi, my name is Michel Metzger from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I work as tech coordinator in a K-12 school and I'm board member of a NGO that deals with education for youth.

I support Chamilo Project!


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Hi, my name is Bruno

Postby wadirum » 25 Jan 2010, 09:08

Hi, my name is Bruno Dooms. I work at the Free University of Brussels (VUB) as coordinator of the "Onderwijstechnologische Cel". (education & technology) I would like to express my support to Chamilo!

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Hi, my name is Cristiano Maia, Brazil!!!

Postby Cristiano Maia » 28 Jan 2010, 00:33

Hi, my name is Cristiano Maia, Brazil .. first thank the entire team for the great contribution to us lovers Dokeos ... work with design and optimization platform, management ead in a university ... sure we will use from now on the platform Chamilo ...



Cristiano Maia
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I support Chamilo - Je supporte Chamilo

Postby ericmorasse » 31 Jan 2010, 03:15


my name is Eric Morasse from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I'm working in e-learning and i'm studying differents technologies about electronic learning.

I support Chamilo because it take the right way in development: the real open source project. Not a system behind a commercial system. A very good and beautiful system with a development that work in the best interest of the community and organizations that use it.


Bonjour à tous,

Je suis Éric Morasse de la région de Montréal, Québec, Canada. Je travaille en e-learning et j'etudie les différentes technologies d'apprentissage en ligne.

Je supporte Chamilo, une plateforme véritablement open source. Libre de toute attache commerciale et libre de se développer dans le meilleur intérêt de la communauté et des organisations qui l'utilisent. 

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Hola, mi nombre es Arnulfo

Postby arnulfo rojas » 04 Feb 2010, 17:56

Hola, mi nombre es Arnulfo Rojas de Cali, Colombia y

Soporto al proyecto Chamilo!


arnulfo rojas
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I support Chamilo and open source.

Postby vaustin » 04 Feb 2010, 22:15

Vanessa Austin, Coordinator, English and Continuing Education

Universidad Adventista de las Antillas

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

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Postby hank3319 » 16 Feb 2010, 18:39

Hi, my name is Chris and i support the Chamilo project.

We (Discovery Diving Dordrecht currently use Dokeos as elearning platform for the theoretical part

of our specialty courses.

On Februari 27th we will close Dokeos down and install Chailo.

Looking forward to it.

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